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Smallbore Target Rifle

Smallbore Target rifle is shot at Dudley Rifle Club on Wednesday nights. Opening hours are between the hours of approx 7:30pm to 10:00pm

The current National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) definition for the discipline "Target Rifle" is summarised as follows.


  • Calibre: .22" rimfire (smallbore)
  • Overall weight: Unrestricted.
  • Trigger weight: Unrestricted but safe in the judgment of the Range Officer (RO).
  • Magazines: allowed, but only to be loaded 1 shot at a time maximum.
  • Slings: Upto 40mm wide sling>
  • Shooting Jackets: Sturdy Shooting Jackets
  • Sights: Iron/Apature Sights Only

Not allowed:

  • Optical Sights
  • Supporting Bipods/Rests

The main difference between 25yd prone target rifle and lightweight sport rifle is that the rifle are usually single shot bolt action rifles and are fitted with iron "peep" sights, and occassionally diopters and iris'. However, as opposed to LSR Supportive Clothing is allowed.

The target discipline is usually shot at 25yds Prone at Dudley Rifle Club Range.


25 Yard Prone position is shot on NSRA 2510 B.M. Cards, 1 shot per target, and 10 targets per card.

50 Meters Prone Position is shot on NSRA MM 12 C 1996 Cards, 5 shots per target, and 2 targets per card, and typically 2 cards(4 targets) per round/match.

100 Yard Prone Position is shot on NSRA 1001C 1996 Cards, 10 shots per target, and 1 target per card, typically 2 cards(2 targets) per round/match.


Competitions for the TR discipline at 25 yards as shown above are shot at the Club via postal leagues organised by such bodies as the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) and Worcester Small Bore Rifle Association (WSBRA).

As well as shooting as an individual, you can also shoot as part of a team, as part of the club. You can also shoot for your county, and those that excel enough can shoot for thier country! (we have some members that have got to this level in the club).

Dudley Rifle Club have put together many successful teams over the years to shoot many league competitions. Success in this discipline has been frequent throughout the years and successes continue to this day.

As well as competitive target shooting (and zeroing) over either 20/25yds at Dudley Rifle Club such rifles can also be used at longer ranges (50 and 100yds) at other outdoor ranges such as Stourport Rifle and Pistol Club (www.stourportonsevernpistolnrifleclub.co.uk)

For the "adventurous" there is also a yearly shoot held in May at the "mecca" of target rifle shooting, Bisley, where there is a precision competition shot over 25 yards, 50 meters and 100 yards.