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Dudley Rifle Club promote the internationally recognised 4 safety rules

  • All firearms are considered loaded, even when they have been proven clear.
  • Never point a rifle at anything other than the target/something that you are willing to destroy.
  • Fingers must off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until the rifle is pointed at the target and you are ready to fire.
  • Always be sure of your target and what lies beyond it.

These four rules ensure everyone is safe on and off the range at all times. These must be abided by all members and non-members visiting Dudley Rifle Club. Violation of these rules can be considered dismissal from the range, in particularly unsafe circumstances revocation of club membership. There is no excuse not to follow these safety rules.

In addition to these cardinal rules, Dudley Rifle Club operates additional safety criteria and has standard etiquette protocols to be aware of.

Dudley Rifle Club Range Rules

  • Ear Protection is MANDATORY in the range. Eye Protection is advised.
  • Breach Flag inserted or Bolt Out of firearm when not on the firing point.
  • Firearms with bolt inserted and Breach Flag Removed to be pointing at the backstop/target area AT ALL TIMES.
  • Keep all shots within the designated target area, report to Range Officer any shots that leave the area and explain why - You may be responsible for costs to repair damage outside of target area.
  • If you see any dangerous practice "report it" immediately to the Range Officer
  • Do not go forward of the firing point until told to do so by the Range Officer.
  • Do not approach the bench or touch firearms (including putting on or removing from the bench) whilst anyone is "down range".
  • Range Officer is in Absolute Authority

Dudley Rifle Club Etiquette

  • Tidy up after yourself. Collect fired brass, shot targets and replace any equipment where you found it.
  • Details to last a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes, in competition terms this equates to 3 targets (10 mins each). This gives other people chance to swap targets and make best use of the range rather than waiting for one person to shoot multiple cards without stopping to get a turnover of firers to the point.
  • When a detail is in progress keep the range door closed and do not enter. Someone could be shooting an important competition card.
  • Do not shoot fixtures of the target area (Screws holding up boards, Target numbers, etc) If you do not have a target to shoot down range, you should not be shooting.
  • Only conventional paper targets in the designated target areas allowed. As Per NSRA regulation, no Humanoid targets to be used on the range.
  • Whilst shooting is under way, keep any talking to a minimum (Reporting issues to RO) unless all shooters are in agreement that talking is permittable - specifically relevant when competition cards are being shot.


As an NSRA Associated Club, NSRA Rules and Regulations are enforced at Dudley Rifle Club.

As an NRA Associated Club, NRA Rules and Regulations are enforced when Dudley Rifle Club Members shoot on Military Ranges/Bisley with DRC issued SCC Cards.